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Mr. Cohen Speaks
One of the great stars of M&A, H. Rodgin Cohen of Sullivan & Cromwell, discusses activist investors, market dynamics, the “Wolf Pack phenomenon,” how to prepare for a move by shareholder activists, and the use of the regulatory process as a defense.

Cleary Chimes In
Boards of directors are faced with many challenges in this era of the shareholder activist. Cleary Gottlieb looks at how directors should prepare and respond to such activism, as well as risk management and proposed changes to auditing and accounting requirements, cybersecurity, and dealing with shareholder representatives on the board.

Buyers Beware
An acquiror typically focuses on its due diligence on the target. But a buyer’s understanding of its own contracts and arrangements is critical as well. Mayer Brown’s Paul M. Crimmins and Christine M. Shepard explain.

Buyer’s Privilege
Morrison Foerster’s Michael O’Bryan and Alexa Belonick explore the meaning of a recent Chancery Court decision in a case involving control over a target company’s attorney-client privileged communications after a sale.

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